Local Love

We have FRESH Red Broilers & White Broilers all weekend as well as cut-up chickens. Start planning your Father's Day Barbecue now! And all Fathers get $5 off any chicken 5 pounds or larger.
This week our good friend and winemaker, Robin McCarthy, released Saltbird Cellars white wines and you can find her Chardonnay and Sauvignon-Blanc in our farmstand.  Also available is jams and jelly from newcomer, Peconic River Preserves. Find local Strawberry and Strawberry-Rhubarb jam as well as Sunrise Habanero Jelly in our stand.  We all do better when we support each other and supporting local is the best!
Our Fresh Basil Aioli sold out in one day so we've made a larger batch for the weekend.  Made with our Organic egg yolks, Basil Aioli is perfect on a chicken sandwich, and even better mixed into egg salad or potato salad.  

The Rooster's Crow

There was much excitement this week as we learned that Browder's Birds is a recipient of the New York State New Farmers Grant.  This program provides a 50% reimbursement for selected agricultural projects. Our award will be used towards the additional infrastructure needed to increase chicken production with our newly licensed Mobile Processing Unit.  With the ability to expand, we plan to raise even more certified organic, pastured poultry on the North Fork in the coming seasons. And we have plans to process for a local farmer this Fall starting an exciting new venture - stay tuned!


This beautiful rooster was left on our farm under the cover of darkness on Sunday night. Mr. Rooster has taken up residence with the 'retired' hens and has spent the week strutting and dancing for the ladies.  So far they have not paid him much attention but have allowed him to sit on their roost at night. Since he is always the first to rise on the farm,  I think we will name him Reveille.  

Because I'm Happy

Warm days and plenty of sunshine make happy farmers and farm animals.  We continue to finish up larger projects on the farm to enable our growth as we enter our sixth season. For many months, we have worked jointly with Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District and the USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service to design and implement a new compost system for our farm waste.  The compost system should be complete in the next two weeks and it will allow us to recycle on farm all of our processing waste. Once cured, the compost will be spread on our pastures and around our farm.

Spring Fever

New!! For a limited time, try our Pickled Eggs with Beets. And Browder's Blends homemade Mayonnaise made with our Organic eggs is back in stock for the season.  Our new Seasonal Quiche features Sweet Potatoes and Caramelized Onions. 
A new egg mobile was built on Monday to house our new layers.  This is number seven in our fleet of Prairie Schooners, six of which have been designed and pre-constructed by CSA Member & Greenport resident George Agnew.  He volunteers his time and skills to our farm every season and the farmers and hens are very grateful. If you haven't seen one of his designs in use on our pasture, just imagine The Plaza, The Little Knell or The Wauwinet of chicken coops. OK, someone needs a vacation!

Signs of Spring

It's a girl!  This week brought the birth of the first baby lamb on our farm. We are awaiting our other ewe to also give birth, likely to twins.  Baby animals on the farm signal the start of another season.  It is time to stop talking about how cold it is and get ready for Spring. 

Ice Moon

This Winter continues to test the animals and the farmers at Browder's Birds.  Snow, melt, ice, repeat.  It all makes for very challenging farm work and a lot of ingenuity.  Frozen coop doors won't latch on a freezing cold night? Or worse, break off at the hinges. We can't say enough good things about the bungee cord. 
We take comfort in good food, a stash of frozen chicken, and fresh vegetables still available at the  Riverhead Farmers Market from Sang Lee Farms.  This week called for our favorite Fried Chicken as well as Savory Vegetable Pancakes with Poached Eggs, courtesy of Edible Feast. 
This weekend we introduce a new seasonal quiche made with Ty Llywd Farm  purple potatoes and leeks.  Ultimate comfort!!  

Super Duper

A Superstorm to start the week and a Superbowl to end it!  We survived Juno and received over 2 feet of snow with drifts up to 5 feet on the farm.  Our team worked tirelessly in the cold to prepare for the storm and had moved most of the animals as close to the house as possible on Monday, securing all portable housing from high winds.  Chris shoveled around the sheep structures and our greenhouse every hour throughout the night during the blizzard. Luckily, all of our animals survived and have adjusted to white pastures. With so much snow on the ground we've resorted to pulling 5-gallon chicken waterers out by sleds.  And this snow doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Is it Spring yet??