Tis the Season

Don't forget the Mayonnaise as the first tomatoes on the North Fork ripen this week.  Our Browder's Blends Mayo is made fresh every week with our Certified Organic eggs, Organic Canola Oil, Dijon and lemon juice.  Locally, it is available during the week at Fork & Anchor General Store in East Marion and at The Village Cheese Shop on Love Lane.

Red or White?

 Did you know that Browder's Birds offers two kinds of broilers?  Our White Broilers tend to be larger in size with lots of tender, white breast meat.  We also raise Red Broilers, a slower-growing chicken, with a rich flavor and more dark meat.  This week we have both Reds and Whites for sale.  We also have cut-up White broilers available.  There is something for every appetite! 

Happily Ever After

 Once upon a time on a farm far, far away from Main Road there lived two ladies of Cotswold looking for their prince.  Many miles, time constraints and a body of water separated them for months.  But this week, Prince Charming traveled a great distance - in a trusty Ford F250 - over roads and Cross Sound Ferry to meet the maidens. It was a long, hard journey but he persevered, only laying down to rest on the ferry. 
With nightfall approaching, he arrived in shining fleece.
He was lead to the ladies-in-waiting.  Together they galloped off into the sunset as the farm-people rejoiced and.... you know how it ends! 
This is true love - you think this happens every day?

Chicken Sandwich

New!! Our own Browder's Birds Mayonnaise, made with our Organic eggs, is now available.  Creamy with a hint of lemon, it tastes good on everything! If you are planning lunch, be sure to try Carissa's Breads  for sale in our farm stand starting tomorrow.  Carissa is the only baker to  mill her own flour from locally grown wheat on Long Island. We are excited to introduce our customers to all the new and artisanal producers on the East End this summer. Stay tuned...

May Day

The farm (and farmers) survived a deluge of rain this week.  Not without a 4:00 AM trek out to the pasture to check on the young broilers in a torrential downpour and several days of work in soggy clothes. But yesterday the sun broke through and the rain clouds moved on. 
Yesterday, we also had a visit from the Executive Director of FACT (Food Animal Concern Trust) which is located in Chicago.  We were a recipient of their 2013 Fund-A-Farmer Grant which helps small family farms fund projects that will enrich and improve animal welfare.  We applied and received the money to retrofit our Chicken 'Tractors' with side doors to allow our Broilers to access more pasture during the day.  The award also helped us surround each Chicken Tractor with portable electric fencing and battery for predator protection. Here are some wonderful photos of the farm, courtesy of FACT.

Surf & Turf

Membership opens today for  Dock to Dish's CSF on the North Fork! Members who will be signing up for the 2014 season can click the link below:
Shares are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis to customers of Browder's Birds. Both 14 week & 20 week shares of very fresh fish will be available and consider splitting a share with a friend as Browder's Birds is unable to hold fish if you miss a pick-up date.
Learn more about Dock-to-Dish's mission in this week's Edible Manhattan.  

Exciting News!

How can so much be happening in the dead of Winter?  That's the phrase we keep repeating at Browder's Birds.  We are happy to introduce you to the new Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) at our farm.

Happy New Year!

Looks like we are starting the New Year with a blast...  Of snow and wind and cold.  Our Laying Hens are staying toasty-warm by the heat lamps from the brooder. And thank you Dennis, our employee of the month -- and only current employee -- for the great idea!  
We hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve.  It was also Chris's birthday so we celebrated with a traditional North Carolina-style barbecue.  Along with a smoked pork shoulder from Mecox Bay Dairy Farm, we served our Browder's Deviled Eggs and Newberry Barbecue Chicken. We also served Lamb ribs with honey and wine marinade, which were outstanding. If you bought one of our lambs, you must try it!
Note: Due to weather conditions, the first Winter Egg Share pick-up is this Sunday from 2 - 5:00 PM at the farm.